Cutting the Best Portions.

One of the keys to the success of À La Carte Meats is our understanding of the different needs of various sectors within the fresh meat market.

Some of those differences include:

  • Quality restaurants and steak houses generally require different cuts and portion sizes from pubs, clubs and fast food outlets.
  • The needs of mobile commercial catering companies are often quite different from 4-star and 5-star convention centres.
  • Airlines and cruise companies share requirements for accurate portion sizes, but cuts are often different.
  • Smaller-eating residents of aged care facilities need different portion sizes and cuts compared with the traditional hearty eaters for industries like mining and construction.
  • Across the commercial meat retail sector, both portions sizes and meat cuts and types vary from pre-packaged portions for one, to whole or part of the animal ready for final processing to size at the outlet.
  • Our experienced butchers can help identify new styles of cuts to enable innovative chefs to create their own unique signature dishes.


À La Carte Meats recognises these differences, and our team initiates discussions about individual needs with each client, and tailors supplies to meet each specific demand.

One of the challenges faced by local butchers or independent food retailers is the risk of losing their independence because they need to stock so many other brands. 

That’s why we offer our customised White Label or rebranding program. We custom portion packs for any retailer and rebrand it as their own product, with the undertaking that supplies from À La Carte Meats are their guarantee the products meet Australia’s highest standards in quality, taste and safety.

Have a chat to one of our team members and discover how we can provide you with the exact specialised portion control cut of the meat of your choice, and also help you package that fresh product under your own brand.